Miracle Films has 27 years of project experience, working in over 43 countries, for oil & gas and commercial industries. We have the industry knowledge to understand your project, and communicate your message. Our staff are TWIC card holders and have national, and international safety certifications to enable us to access your project site, anywhere in the world.


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Resolution Independent Video Production

Resolution independent video production can leverage the latest camera technologies to capture you project in resolutions from HD, and 4K video, up to 12K VR.


High Resolution Still Photography

Project documentation, product photography, executive headshots. High resolution still photography for brochures, posters, and marketing campaigns.


Aerial Surveying and Imaging

FAA licensed UAS operations are conducted with a primary emphasis on Safety. Constantly updated and maintained aircraft, along with strict safe operating procedures, are responsible for hundreds of hours of incident free operation.


Construction Project Documentation

Monitoring large projects located in different geographic areas is time consuming and costly. Let us bring your project information directly to your desktop, eliminating the need for expensive site visits.


Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Asset portfolio marketing materials. Aerial photography and video. Interactive Immersive Animation allows clients to visualize interior spaces. 360° VR and panoramic photography.


Golf Course Management / Turf Solutions software

UAVs for Course Management. Create actionable data, easily track problem areas, assign maintenance crews, monitor progress, and seek opportunities for water reduction with our Turf.Solutions’ software.


Interactive Immersive Animation

Immersive Animation gives you the freedom to explore your project while immersed inside the virtual world. Unlike Virtual Reality, Immersive Animation allows you to bring an entire room into an interactive world. It is the perfect tool for project visualization, training, and customer presentations.


Long-term Jobsite Construction Cameras

Solar powered, cellular connected, jobsite cameras offer remote documentation of your project. Timelapse image recording, HD security video, and Real-Time Video Streaming allow you to connect to your project from anywhere in the world. Great for remote client access or collaborative meetings.


Interactive Media and App design

Custom iOS and Android app creation. Immerse your customers into a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality world. Projection Mapping and Holographic Video technology can make your trade show booth, corporate lobby, or visitor center stand apart.


Print Collateral and Graphic design

Traditional printed or digital collateral to showcase your products or services. Brochures, Posters, Advertisements, Logos, Digital Signage.

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